Carol Berg: Lighthouse Duet

Marble Surface

Fiona Mackintosh

November 5, 2020

This book review was originally written back in 2014.

I didn't end up reading the next two books in the series though I do have them both on the shelf because I just never got around to re-reading the duet all the way through and so stalled out on books 3 & 4.

I aim to fix that in 2021 as the Lighthouse Duet just keeps getting more and more relevant to where we are in this wave/cycle of history.

In preparation for the upcoming release of Dust and Light, I decided to re-read the Lighthouse Duet.  As part of the preparation for re-reading, I looked at some of the reviews at the time the books were released.  It's fascinating to me that the emotional resonance that these two novels had for me, had little, if anything, to do with what the reviews highlighted.  

Reviewers spoke about the books as a "coming-of-age" adventure and about "a troubled world full of politics, anarchy and dark magic."  While this is true on one level, the books go much deeper than just a generic boy comes of age fantasy tale.  The two novels were about the bones of civilization, about the threads that bind and what happens when they start to fray.  The works spoke deeply to me about the nature of memory and, in the process of determining what should be preserved about a civilization, what it tells us about who we are, and our place and time in the river of history.

I am reminding myself that as my spiritual home, my roots are in history, literature, and archeology so those themes would have resonated more powerfully with me.  I'm interested to see how that may or may not have shifted for me, in re-reading Flesh and Spirit and Breath and Bone three years later.  Looking forward to seeing what remains behind for me on this immersion into the world of the Danae and the Navronne.

This was also the first time that I really loved the cover art for Carol's books.  The artwork moved away from standard fantasy art fare to something much more evocative and ethereal which really suited the stories.  The cover artist is Luis Roya.

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