Fairy Tales for Coaches

Long Ago, Long Ago: The Power of Teaching Tales

These are existential times that we live in.  I'm writing this as we - collectively - watch Australia burning.  It feels slightly surreal some days to be focused on storytelling as 400,000 million animals are gone in one year with the bush which was their home and many more left vulnerable because of the loss of habitat.

At its heart, storytelling is never just about entertainment. A story is always here to tell us something. Stories can give us a safe place - yes, horror included - to explore things that we fear, things that we long for, things that we are repelled by.  Stories can act as a mirror and as a magnifier.


  • Are you looking for new ways to engage creatively with clients?


By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • tap into the power of storytelling, focusing on fairy tales, to engage your creativity, wonder, sense of play, and self-expression breaking through unconscious barriers; 

  • engage consciously with the characters, metaphors and archetypes in the tarot and get the boost you need to read with confidence and enhance your intuitive skills; 

  • experiment confidently with multiple ways of learning; exploring the cards and integrating the knowledge (visual, aural, musical, analytical, physical, and oral in both social or solitary settings); and 

  • understand fundamental connections between what arises intuitively in reading and then moving these insights through to planning, action and ongoing engagement.

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