The Fool &Their Journey

Getting Comfortable with Wild Innocence


  1. Build insight and awareness into the power of the tarot as a personal development / reflection tool;

  2. Have a framework for building your experience and intuitive capacity in readings, for yourself and/or others;

  3. In-depth profile of The Fool - the wild card in the Major Arcana; and 

  4. An understanding of the Fool’s Journey and how it relates both to the Hero/Heroine’s Journey and the Post-Heroic Journey.


Week One: Fool & Their Journey

  • A fundamental comfort with the Fool’s orientation to the world (beginner’s mind) and how this can impact their progress through the Fool’s Journey.

Week Three: Canine Companion

  • A deep understanding of the canine companion at a species level and a breed level, including the wild wolf energies and the many instincts that the Fool has available to draw on.

Week Five:  Fool’s Travel Pack

  • An understanding of the power of the travel pack and what goodies are available to you as a Fool as you engage in this journey of intuitive reading.

Week Seven:  The Lands Where the Fool’s Journey Begins

  • An understanding of the wild energies of the lands through which the Fool travels and the individuals they meet, beginning with the energy of the mountains where the Fool begins.

Week Nine: The Fool’s Shadows

  • The Shadow side is often misunderstood.  This week will bring clarity to the lessons of the shadow self and how to work with shadow energies. All of us have a shadow self, and the Fool is no exception.

Week Eleven: The Energies of the Wild Card - Weaving It All Together

  • This week will focus on integrating the teachings from Weeks One to Nine to ensure that your intuitive sense of the Fool is strongly woven.

Week Thirteen:  The Fool Dives Deeper

  • This week will explore three different perspectives on the Fool as imagined in the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, and the Wildwood Tarot.  (You do not need to own these tarots to participate in this Module).


Weeks Two - Weeks Fourteen:

  • Each of the even weeks you will get an opportunity to have a personal 1:1 deep dive into questions you may have about the aspects of the Fool energy covered in that module, or previous modules. 

  • The individual coaching sessions are 30 minutes long and held on Zoom.


DATES:  Postponed to Summer 2020 to accommodate economic issues arising from Covid-19 Pandemic 
Postponed to Summer 2020


  • Sign up is limited to 25 participants to ensure that each individual is able to maximize their coaching hours.  So sign up now to secure your spot on the journey that is about to begin!

  • Cost:  $250 (Canadian) for the 14 week program.

  • Payment can be made on PayPal to

  • If you would like to split your payment into two, please let me know at the email above and it can be arranged.

  • A receipt for your records will be provided upon payment.

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