The Fool &Their Journey

Getting Comfortable with Wild Innocence

Check out my latest offering - an intensive course in the energies of the Tarot's wild card: The Fool.  We’re taking a journey and getting to know the most important character in the Major Arcana: the Fool, the Wanderer, the Initiate, among their many names.


  • Are you new to tarot cards and intimidated about where to begin?  Does the thought of having to understand a spread -- Stress. You. Out?

  • Have you had your tarot deck(s) for a while and would like to have the capacity to deepen your tarot practice?

  • Do you wonder why particular readings don’t materialize? Why despite what seems to be ‘in the cards’, nothing changes?


By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • tap into the power of storytelling to engage your creativity, wonder, sense of play, and self-expression breaking through unconscious barriers you may have to experiment with the cards; 

  • engage consciously with the characters, metaphors and archetypes in the tarot and get the boost you need to read with confidence and enhance your intuitive skills; 

  • experiment confidently with multiple ways of learning; exploring the cards and integrating the knowledge (visual, aural, musical, analytical, physical, and oral in both social or solitary settings); and 

  • understand fundamental connections between what arises intuitively in reading and then moving these insights through to planning, action and ongoing engagement.

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