The first poem I wrote was an alternate rhyming stanza poem about a beaver.  It was written for a school project and illustrated by my childhood friend, Lalla G. I still have it memorized and have the original "good" version of the poem which remains in my portfolio of "trunk poems". 

I have written a lot of trunk poems which will never see the light of day. Hint: I really, really liked alternate rhymes for a very long time, at least until university when I broke away from alternate rhyming glamour to free verse.


It has taken me another 25 years of practice to feel even remotely ready to start being an actual and not just practice poet.  This year I have decided to give my poems wings and let them fly. We will see how far out into the world Whispers from the Elderwoods will travel.



Fiona Mackintosh

The Beaver

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