I wrote this short poem in 2003.  I would have been 33.  Other than that information I have absolutely no recollection of what the impetus was.  I should check my journal for notes ... 

For Those Who Follow After

I am life set free once more,

dancing on the edges of the universe;
generating stories not yet imagined, 
by lives not yet lived.

I am the Heart of all that is Human,
the Soul of all that is Divine.


I am the Song of the Wild,
the Voice of the Old and the Hidden.

I am the best of all that was,
the hope of all that will be.


I am the sound of lives unfolding at the border,
of possibilities and unformed yearnings.

Take my hand, Soul of Fire,
Soul of Truth, Soul of Wisdom,
that together we may shape a better journey 
for those who follow after.


Fiona Mackintosh (© 2003)

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