COACH BIOGRAPHY: Fiona Mackintosh

CEO of Elderwoods Coaching 

Storytelling in all its forms is a passion for Fiona.  Humans in their deepest being are storytellers.  Whether through dance, art, music, science, history or philosophy - we tell stories in order to find our way into what it all 'means.'

This is at the heart of Elderwoods Coaching. No matter what goal we have set, or where we are stuck, or what we would like to explore as the art of possible - there is a story that either enables us or constrains us.  We are passionate about helping people move forward with their lives using an arts based approach to exploring boundaries and possibilities.

Fiona brings to coaching over 20 years of senior experience in the public service at the provincial level in Canada, including as a Director of Communications and as a Director of Policy supporting Cabinet and Treasury Board in government decision-making.  Fiona also was executive director for the independent, non-partisan Far North Electoral Boundaries Commission in 2016 that reported to the Attorney General on the creation of new electoral districts and is passionate about democratic renewal that puts the participation tools into the hands of the people. 

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